Are Duas Answered Instantly?!


One day, I was very busy with work and very stressed out. My work requires me to troubleshoot software issues with end users and for some reason, there was one issue that I could not solve. I kept trying different methods, but nothing was working. Both the user and I were beyond frustrated, and I was literally going to give up and tell them to contact a third-party source.

During my frustration, Dhuhr (noon prayer) hit. I took a deep breath and decided to drop everything and pray. While I was praying, I kept thinking of all my troubles. However, I was also feeling a sense of relief. Every time I bowed my head down, I thought of it as releasing all my burdens and letting go of them. I kept thinking to myself “Tawakkaltu ala Allah” which means, “I put my faith in the hands of God”. Also, at the end, I made dua for Allah (swt) to help me come up with a solution because I was out of ideas. Then, I returned to work, and tested out a few more ideas with the end user.

You would not believe me when I say that right after my prayer, one of the solutions worked!!! I could not even believe it myself. More than the end-user, I was happy because I know that my prayer is what got me through it.

The reason why I wanted to share this moment with you is because I learned a huge valuable lesson from it. I know we all heard this before: “When you make dua, there are three ways that Allah (swt) answers them. You ask for something and Allah gives it to you immediately. You ask for something and Allah delays giving it to you. Allah will withhold giving you what you ask for if it is bad for you and you just don’t see it, or that He will give you something better on the day of Judgement.” This specific instance showed me that duas do come true instantly when we need them to. I know we all say duas ritualistically sometimes, but if we put some thought into it, Allah (swt) will always be on our side. We all should try to pay attention when making dua and also not think of our prayers as burdens. Rather, we should view them as a blessing that helps us through life. Most importantly, we should always reflect and thank Allah (swt) for all the duas that come true and all the blessings that He gives us every day! May we all learn to gain better focus on our prayers and duas! Ameen.

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