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7 Keys To Building A Spiritual Morning & Evening Routine System

21/11/2020 @ 10:00 - 11:00

Want to build a powerful morning & evening routine? Join us on Saturday 21st November @ 10 AM (UK TIme) with our founder, Br Shahbaz Mirza!

Did you know that Allah tells us to worship Him in the morning and evening over 32 times in the Qur’an? What is the spiritual significance of the morning and evening in Islam? How does worshipping Allah in the morning and evening contribute to our day to day success?

The two parts of the day where we do forget about Allah the most are the mornings and evenings. Even if we have an awareness, we haven’t built up the willingness to act. The morning rush or waking up late doesn’t set ourselves up for everyday success and our evening entertainment downtime has left us feeling empty and alone at night when we go to sleep. I’m sure you have experienced the feeling of being lost and spiritually low during a hectic morning or purposeless evening. However the morning and evening, are two parts of the day that hold the divine keys to our success in this life and the next.

Did you know that the people of paradise will glorify Allah every morning and evening? That we will receive our sustenance in paradise every morning and evening? That when we are in our graves we are shown whether we will go to heaven or hell, every morning and evening? Or that in paradise every Friday we will see Allah’s face however the elite amongst us will see Allah’s face every morning and evening? It’s amazingly profound and beautiful isn’t it?

With the long winter nights and most people working from home we’ve put together a powerful online workshop to go through the 7 keys to building a spiritual morning and evening routine system.

This workshop is not just about productivity, it’s about understanding the miracles and benefits of the morning and evening so that we can build up the willpower to act!