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Shamail of the Prophet ﷺ (part 1&2- 20 weeks)

29/11/2020 @ 10:35 - 21/02/2021 @ 11:15


Please note material for this module is expected to be brought by students, the book covered can be found at at: https://turath.co.uk/shop/khulasa-summary-shamail-tirmidhi/

Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ : The individual who Allah adorned every beauty; inner and outer, hidden and apparent, subtle and manifest. Some companions said that his face was brighter than the moon, while others found no words to describe him except, “we did not see anything like him; not before him, nor after him.”

This is his outer form and physical appearance which left nations in awe. What about his inner beauty and character? Allah Himself declares in the Quran, ‘And indeed you [Muhammad] are upon an immense character”. [Surah Qalam: 4]

The companions preserved every intricate details about both these aspects of the Prophet , from his physical features to his noble character. In this course, we take a journey through several narrations (hadith) known as Shamai’l Muhammadiyya.

Unit Aims:

• Understanding outer and inner characteristics of the final Messenger of Allah ﷺ

• Understanding why he is the best of creation and increasing in reverence for him ﷺ

• Developing a deeper and stronger connection with the Prophet ﷺ.

• Understanding how to emulate the Prophet .

What will I learn?

You will learn about:

• The physical description of the Prophet ﷺ, including his height, complexion, hair, countenance, physique, walk, and much more.

• The items used and worn by the Prophet ﷺ, including his garments, rings, scent, utensils, armour, swords and much more.

• The food and drink the Prophet ﷺ preferred and his manner of consuming it.

• The manner in which the Prophet sat, spoke, slept, prayed, fasted and more.

• The noble characteristics of the Prophet ﷺ, including his modesty, his humility and his interaction with others.

What will I achieve?

By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

• Describe the physical appearance of the Prophet ﷺ .

• Explain the detail in which the all aspects of the Prophet’s ﷺ life have been preserved.

• Understand the prophetic diet and its benefits.

• Apply the prophetic manners and etiquettes of eating, drinking, reclining, speaking and sleeping to your own life.

• Embody some of the noble prophetic character traits.

• Develop your knowledge and reverence for the Prophet ﷺ .


29/11/2020 @ 10:35
21/02/2021 @ 11:15


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