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    • Dhikr and Azkar challenge
      As salaam alaikum sisters! We are starting our Muslima Guide journey. We are starting a Dhikr and Azkar challenge where we will learn 1 dua a day. This is an international platform so we are bound to have time differences. From Friday the 28th inshaAllah, I will share a dua that we have to learn and use in our every day life for the remembrance of Allah. Join this forum and share with your friends and family.   Maasalaam,❤
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    • jeannatrevascus
    • General Discussions
      Here you  can post anything you want to talk about i.e. food, relationships, living life e.t.c. Please discuss things in a respectful manner, don't resolve to personal attacks and be aware that you are talking a fellow sister in Islam.
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    • mohamedfrawley5
    • Islam Questions and Answers
      Write your questions for advice with the issues you may have or want to discuss. This is a sisters only platform, don't be afraid to open up about anything, but make sure your username and details are anonymous if you're worried about your identity. Responders beware, if you knowingly mislead or try to aggrevate any issue, Allah will hold you accountable! If our moderators notice consistent bad behaviour from a particular sister, you will be revoked access. Some topics may be too sensitive so be mindful of how you respond.
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    • dennycollette
    • Ramadan 2021
      Here you can find and share any tools you like for the upcoming Ramadan 2021 / 1442.
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    • sylviabourassa
    • The welcome committee
      As salaam sisters Welcome! I hope you enjoyed the registration process - you've taken the first steps in creating the perfect online Muslima community for all the women of Islam. Start a group of your own, post inspirations on your profile and invite family and friends to join as well. May we be of those who are rightly guided and may Allah reward our efforts. Ameen thumma ameen. Let me know if you have any questions.
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