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      Umm FatimaZahra

      As salaam sisters, can I get some inspiration on recipes for a toastie? I had good thoughts on what to have like little cakes and cheese and tomatoes or tuna melt style toastie. But I am out of ideas (halal) ones. Please share what you put or would put in your toastie, its not the panini style ones, its the two part normal bread one. Jazakhillah in advance ?

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      Salaam sis, I don’t really have any ideas for you other than those you’ve already mentioned.

      But, I did want to ask about halal Korean gochujang – it’s a korean blended pepper paste. I bought one – the brand is Ajumma Republic but it has ethyl alcohol and it doesn’t say the % of it.

      I just want to try some new Asian recipes. Also if you can suggest halal Japanese alternatives to mirin. It seems a lot of the Asian recipes have some alcohol or ingredients with some form of alcohol. I am sure there are halal alternatives in their own countries but its difficult for us International people who want to try new things (halal).

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      Umm FatimaZahra

      www @Mslayla,

      Thanks for your response, yeh I didn’t find more alternatives other than those I mentioned either but there’s still lots I can cook up within those recipes.

      I changed the title of the forum to food/ recipes instead of having a whole forum post on just toasties ?

      I actually thought of buying the exact same brand gochujang from asda but saw the ingredients list. I am looking forward to finding out about this as I want to try Korean and Japanese recipes too. I also found that some Chinese recipes online had alcohol in them.

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