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      As salaam, I am not sure if I will get a reply but I wanted to create this thread to ask you lovely sisters advice on what to eat…

      I am 14 weeks pregnant but I don’t seem to like food very much. What did you eat when you were pregnant and did it help your symptoms? Please let me know..

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      Walaikkum assalam sister.
      I haven’t got pregnant yet but have seen my mother go through this. It’s the time when maximum women don’t feel like eating, feel stuffy it’s normal and nothing to get worried. You can take in fresh fruit juice, lot of pomegranates, dry fruits and try to have mini meals instead of having bulk meals like 6 tImes a day instead of 3 or 4 times. Intake of warm water and walk at the dawn break and dusk also would help a lot. These were some routines my mom followed and insha allah may work for you too…
      Allah Hafiz

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      Thank you Ashna for replying. I try eating little at a time and as exercise I run after my other 2 children ?

      I will try eating more fruits and warm water as you suggested, it will properly help me with the strong afterstates on my tongue from toothpaste and stews.

      Jazakhillahu khairan, maasalaama ?

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