Palestine – Israel peace treaty?


s I read the news about a possible peace treaty for Israel and Palestine, I also watched a documentary following Gideon Levi on the subject of Palestine. Every time I watch these kinds of documentaries, I get very angry and my heart just hurts for them.

I could not understand the audacity of Israelites killing Palestinian youths for protesting in 2018 and so what if they retaliate? What do you expect when you push a person to a corner. Despair results in terrible consequences and what baffles me is that the oppressors have this rhetoric that they are the victims. They gain support from like minded powerful groups and people accept this after Muslims are demonised even though they are the true victims. Any form of retaliation from the said true victims is shown as evidence of their violent nature. And let us be clear that this is not about actual terrorists who attack anyone against their agenda, including children.

What is happening today to my Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine is creating pressure with few outbursts but will that culminate in an ultimate explotion out of frustration?

At this moment in time, most of the Muslim nations have agreements with the Western nations and Israel, so I doubt an outward show of solidarity by threatening the severing of ties will be seen in support of Palestine. What I really want to know however, is what kind of help are the Muslim nations providing to Palestinians within the rimits of their treaties? What are they actually doing for Gaza? It sounds naieve but I pray they are perhaps extending efforts secretly so as not to sever ties but still help in some way.

My generation should be witnessing a new form of stability and peace for all through the advent of technology which is making knowledge and information easily accessible to all. I would have thought that the true teachings of Islam will be enough to make the non-beleivers at least understand the religions anti-violence stance but historical wars and segregation are not forgotten, making Muslims the enemy of many. This is fuelled by media backlash against Muslims and it seems people just do not want wake up from their anti-Muslims stupor. Otherwise, no one will accept what is happening in Palestine and a united public outcry from everyone will force Israel to think twice.

By the way, by saying I wish people will forego their prejudice towards Muslims, I am not expecting a mass conversion to Islam. Once Shaytaan understands that a persons mind is slightly inclined to disbelieve, he will never stop until the person completely relents. And as we already know from Allah (S.W.A), some people will never be on the right path and they will never open their hearts to it no matter how much knowledge of the religion they attain. I am just hoping for a little understanding of the core religious values for peaceful co-existence.

What is the purpose of this writing? I wanted to vent (albeit with reasoning) because every time I watch the news or read an article, there is some sort of enmity towards Muslims being projected by the media. We are shown as an evil entity that others need protecting from and this makes it harder for non-Muslims to relate to us as fellow human beings. This then makes the oppression of Muslims easier.

May Allah grant us patience. Remember, this world is a temporary abode to test us so that we stand witness on the day of judgement when we will clearly acknowledge the righteous from amongst ourselves.

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