Bismillaahil rahman il-raheem,

As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Dua is a tool given to the muslimeen, it is an asset and a particular power that is at our disposal. Dua can literally change lives.

This world was made to test us, it is impossible for us to be content and to live in perpetual bliss:
Allah says: “He is the One that has created Life and Death in order to test who amongst you is best in conduct” – Qur’an (67:2).

“Verily We will test you with some fear, hunger, and loss of wealth, life or the fruits (of your labor)” – Qur’an (2:155).

When you raise your hand to Allah, with absolute certainty (yaqeen) that He alone is master above all, the Giver and Sustainer, you have submitted to His wordhip and you drew a step closer to Him, the Almighty. With every step that you take towards Allah, He draws closer to you too.

You are creating a one-way uninterrupted dialogue with Allah (s.w.a) when ralaying your needs through dua. If you trust in Allah, then know that your dua may come true if it is in your best interest and during the perfect time that will be more beneficial to you. By placing your complete trust in Allah when you are happy, sad, in need or at a loss, the dua becomes a form of Abdiya (Bondsman-ship).

 “O mankind! It is you who stand as beggars in your relation to Allah, and it is Allah Who is Free of all wants, Worthy of all praise” – Qur’an (35:15).

Dua in times of difficulty, accompanied by the shedding of tears is uplifting, invigorating, assuring, cleanses, refreshes and provides solace and relief to a broken heart.